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Skirtzophrenic Upcycled Couture

Feel Connected To The Clothes You Buy

Bold Beautiful & One of a Kind

Meeting the needs of today without effecting the needs of the future is the footprint of sustainability.

Benefits of Upcycled Fashion

Fashion should not be thought of as a disposable product. Upcycled fashion brings creative collaborations and alternatives to keeping our environment cleaner. These pieces are investments to your wardrobe.

Music Lovers Custom Pieces

Are you a lover of art, music & fashion and have some favorite garments that no longer serve a purpose?  Do you have an open minded attitude?  LET'S TALK !!!! 

Do you find yourself continuously searching for a garment that WOWS your spirit & soul?

Uniquely original and made for those who dare to stand out. I love that the items I purchased are one of a kind and recycled from denim. I am always looking for ways to be more green and environmentally conscious but still have great style. I like that this store doesn't subscribe to stereotypes and it's more about the fit and the feel vs. a size or gender label.

Will Turpin-Doty

Skirtzophrenic created some custom memory scarves after my mother's passing. These scarves were handed out as gifts for her kids and grandkids. Phoenix is not only talented, but very compassionate.  She took the time to know more about my mom and made something my mom would have picked out for herself. The scarves are beautiful, original and something to have that keeps our mom close to our hearts. Bravo and thank you to Skirtzophrenic.

Teri Pascone

Skirtzophrenic is an exclusive clothing line that is Bold and has no boundaries!! This artists creativity is expressed through each original piece. She is not only creating innovative clothing...she is establishing what fashion and art blended together can look like!! I love  this line because it allows me to feel good while wearing a unique piece of art that has something to say and will inspire others to do the same. Fashion with a Purpose!!!!

Monica Richardson Delgado


One of a Kind

Street Style


I'm just a mixed girl in a mixed up world.  I've been a lover of fashion since birth and enjoy merging my love of art, music and fashion into unique one of a kind garments. Transforming, reworking, altering and hand sewing soothe my mind. All ingredients used  are cleaned, sanitized and have fantastic energy. Every creation has a story.

Creating with purpose and promoting a greener, more conscience garment feels good.  The age of cookie cutter sameness is over!

Fashion is the armor to survive everyday life. 

What happens when chaos and fashion collide? Skirtzophrenic!!

Thanks for checking out my site.